e than◆ 160,000 ho○me applianc

su○rge in the Shangha◆i Composit■e. Just 2 weeks ■ago, the governme●nt launched ■subsidies fo●r farmers buyi●ng certain models of● household◆ appliances● in rural are■as, as one way to ■stimulate ●consumption. That's ◆led to a clos○e-to 15 percent ju○mp in stocks f◆or the sector in■ the past week.■ Some leading firms● like Chang■hong, Midea and Litt■le Swan sur●ged more than 2●0 percent in fi●ve trading day●s. Huang Xiangbin, ◆Analyst of Ci◆nda Securities s■aid "The gov●ernment is promoti◆ng the rural market ●as the next foc〓us of domestic con■sumption, as it un■derstands how◆ large the ●rural market can ○be, if i

t's po

ssibl○e to tap its pote■ntial. And with home○ appliance manufa○cturers now getti◆ng subsidies, ○it's easy to und〓erstand why stock■ investors ha●ve favored them● in the past week〓."Analysts say ○that despite sharp d◆rops in overseas■ demand, Chin●a's rural mark

et sh●ould be able to abs〓orb excess productio〓n of

sing govern?/h2>
  • home appliances■. But inves●tor

    s are warnin■g companies th〓at they must sh◆ift their foc○us to rural ●areas in the l●ong term if the●y wan

  • t enjo○y growth that als■o str

    etches into the● longer term. R■elated Video:Police:〓 China home app〓liance tycoon un〓der investigat○ionBEIJING,

  • Nov. 27◆ (Xinhua) -- Huang■

    Guangyu, ●China's home■ appliance tycoon, i○s under investigat●ion for inv○olvement in ○"economic ○crimes,"

ent subsi○dies. China

confirmed B●eijing police on Th●ursday. Huang, 3■

9, whose pers●onal wealth is estim◆ated at 43 bi●llion yuan, is ○the richest man ■on the mainland■, according to the ○2008 Hurun Rich lis◆t. The appliance c●hain has 1,300 outle●ts in more than■ 300 Chinese cities○ with 300,000 emp●loyees. Huang● is also a real est●ate invest■or. Shares in his ○company, the■ Hong Kong-list●ed Gome Electrical 〓Appliances

Holdi○ngs Ltd., were susp■ended on Mond〓ay ahead o?/p>

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